lazy day hairstyle ideas

When the weather gets colder, it becomes more difficult to will yourself out of bed in the morning. Even if the day ahead is going to be great, who wants to leave their warm bed to face the cold? I have a habit of staying in bed later in the cold months which means I have less time to style my hair in the morning. I know some of you have this tendency too, so here are four ideas for what to do with your hair when you don't feel like styling it.

People certainly have their opinions on age cut-offs for wearing ribbons, but I disregard them all. My inclination on lazy days is to pull my hair into a ponytail and the easiest way to dress it up a bit is to tie a ribbon around it. Plus, there's no need to go out and buy one. I keep a little jar of ribbons that I find or acquire through crafts, gift wrapping, and even shopping bags. 

Hats are, perhaps, the classic bad hair day fix. It's especially a good fix when you're having trouble getting volume at your roots or your cowlicks are going crazy. As long as the ends look good (and if they don't, just give them a quick flat iron), you can throw on a hat to pull your outfit together. Some ideas are a baker hat, a cute baseball cap, or a wide brim hat.

Gold or Tortoise Accessory
If ribbons aren't your thing, you can elevate your ponytail, topknot, or half-up half-down style with gold or tortoiseshell accessories. A really easy fix is adding a ponytail wrap or a circle clip to the back of your hair.

Hairline Braid
While it may not seem lazy, a simple hairline braid can be done in under a minute with some practice. Plus, it looks better the messier it is, in most cases. Here's a quick video from TRESemmé that shows you how to do it.