the most beautiful laundromat in new york (the world?)


So, I realize that a blog post about a laundromat isn't necessarily the most conventional thing. But if you live in a city and use a laundromat or just have an interest in smart business ideas and pretty spaces, I think you'll appreciate this.

When I first moved to the city, I used the laundromat down the street from my apartment and, this sounds spoiled, I was not a fan. It was cramped and dirty and there was no seating save for a lone patio chair so I basically just stood and watched the machine spin.

Then, I was walking down North 7th Street in Williamsburg and passed a sign that said "We Are a Modern Laundry". I was intrigued, so I popped my head in and the heavens opened up because I had discovered a brand new, gorgeous laundry facility. 

I looked it up later online and found this Vogue article about the place which is called Celsious. I went back shortly after with a bag full of laundry and got the details from the sweetest attendant working at the front desk. 

This place is amazing. The machines are super high efficiency, so my clothes were washed and dried in 15 minutes each, compared to about 20 minutes to wash and 40 minutes to dry at a typical laundromat. Plus, Celsious provides you with free, eco-friendly laundry detergent (in a glass jar to reduce waste) for every wash. 

The most incredible thing is that the machines take credit/debit cards! I was amazed by this and the attendant said, "About time, right?". Yes, about time. Never again will I buy a 99-cent Arizona tea from Duane Reade just to get cash back to convert into quarters. Never again.

Even more, there's a cute backyard area to sit as well as an upstairs lounge that serves coffee and kombucha. Only in Williamsburg, right?

Isn't this the smartest idea? It really is about time a pair of millennials took over the laundry industry. Going to the laundromat is a fact of life for many, many New Yorkers so why shouldn't it be a pleasant experience? I think these girls are really going to cash in on the fact that the younger generation really value quality experiences and beautiful spaces. They've got me sold on it, for sure.