moving to new york

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The time has (finally) arrived! Last week, I made the leap and moved to my favorite city. I’ve lived here for a summer before and it was amazing, but that hardly compares to what’s happening now. Surrounding this relocation, there have been delays, doubts, and lots of planning all of which served as an aggressive, consistent message from the universe to trust its timing----something I can be really, really bad at.

I’ve listened to a lot of interviews with Glennon Doyle and Brene Brown during the transition because my sanity depends on embracing the mess/vulnerability/imperfection. It’s easier said than done, especially when you’re striving for something you really want that isn’t the easiest to achieve.

The reasons behind this move are many but ultimately, I just feel called to start putting down roots in a city I love. It’s a weird thing to say as a 25-year-old because I still feel really young and am so not interested in putting down roots in the traditional ways you may think of. But, after living somewhere for two years that felt so not me (that’s not to say it was bad, it just wasn’t the right culture for me personally---I never even officially became a resident of the state because I always knew), I’m eager to do a little bit of settling and I literally cannot imagine myself doing that anywhere except New York. 

So, it happened last week! It’s still happening, really. I’m excited to do more of the things I never had time to do before and to enjoy the fall weather while it lasts. For those who are wondering, I’ll be living in Brooklyn. If you’d told me that a few years ago, I’d be confused. I had always been a Manhattan person, out of straight ignorance, but I recently fell completely in love with Brooklyn. There’s something so charming and homey about it that I’m excited to explore more.

Just to close this out, thank you as always for reading! I’m really excited about all of the content I’ll be able to produce now that I’m in my element.