My Favorite Workout Videos

I'm very picky when it comes to gyms and, thus, currently don't have a membership anywhere. Instead, I've created my own gym space at home with pretty much all of the equipment I need for my workouts. As a person who exercises in the evening, it's so nice to be able to get a good workout without having to leave the house. Sometimes, I'll use an app like Keelo to find new workouts but I typically go straight to YouTube.

Over the years, I've gathered tons of favorite videos. Light a candle at home, put on your favorite workout clothes, and try some of them.

Tracy Anderson's Mat Arms
This is my all-time favorite arm workout and also one of my very favorite workouts in general. It's challenging and it will make your arms burn more than they've ever burned. Even my dad (who is a triathlete/surfer/Ironman/Spartan race enthusiast) thinks this workout is hard---and it's only seven minutes!

Blogilates Victoria's Secret Angel Arm Slimming Workout
Throughout high school and college, Cassey's Blogilates videos were my go-to workouts. This VS arms video is my favorite of hers. Sometimes when I'm short on time, I'll skip ahead and just do the weights section.

Tone It Up's The Best of Tone It Up Mashup Workout
I've said before how much I love the Tone It Up girls. Their workouts are challenging but the videos make you want more because the girls and the ocean backdrops are so pretty! Since I couldn't choose just one, I thought I would share this "best of" mash-up video.

Yoga with Adriene Balancing Ocean Flow
I've always enjoyed yoga but have found it difficult to find enough videos on Youtube that I enjoy in order to really develop a practice until I found Yoga with Adriene. She's very chill and has a relaxed but incredibly knowledgeable way of leading her routines. This particular video is especially relaxing with the ocean waves in the background.

Jenny Mustard's Relaxing Pilates Workout
This should be your workout of choice for days when you do not feel like exercising. We all have those days and in those cases, it's smart to skip out on something more intense in favor of something that matches your vibe. This is a 30 minute workout but, honestly, it's so relaxing that it goes by very quickly.

Millionare Hoy's 30 Minute Cardio Kickboxing
I love all of Millionaire Hoy's kickboxing videos for days when I have a lot of energy and want to do something fast-paced and intense. The workouts are usually around 20-30 minutes but they are incredibly effective and challenging. I personally prefer kickboxing to other forms of cardio because the fast-paced nature makes it easier for me to go on longer.

Ballet Beautiful Total Body Sculpt
Mary Helen Bowers' workouts are similar to Tracy Anderson in that they look easy, but they are deceptively difficult. Ballet Beautiful workouts focus on very small movements to tone your muscles. This kind of workout doesn't feel as physically taxing as an intense cardio workout, but you will definitely be sore afterwards.

modelFIT Full Body Workout
Have you heard of modelFIT? It was founded by Justin Gelband, the iconic trainer to Miranda Kerr, Irina Shayk, Anne V, and other Victoria's Secret models and actresses. In this video, his co-founder Vanessa Packer does a workout that consists of tiny movements and ankle weights. These moves aren't like the ones you've done in your other fitness classes. They're rather unique, which provides a fun way to switch things up.

What are your favorite workout videos?