Preparing for a Wonderful 2017

I know it's been said one thousand times by now, but 2016 was an incredibly strange year. Among many other bizarre/frustrating/annoying things, I was inexplicably resistant to anything involving ambition, be it goal-setting, vision boards, or mantras. It's weird because these are all good things that I have always liked.

I feel as though my aversion may have been related to the fact that 2016 was the first year of my life which contained no formal schooling since I began preschool in the mid-1990s. I guess, subconsciously, I just didn't have the capacity to think about the topic any longer. 

Going into 2017, I feel refreshed and ready to focus more on setting and achieving goals as well as the cliched "following my dreams". During the first week of January, I started off the year by creating an outline using the tenets below.

Choose Your Goals
Find a fresh notebook and start by outlining your goals for the year in list form. You can be freeform and just let the ideas start flowing or you could organize your goals into categories (i.e. wellness, work, travel, etc). While the goals can be short, mid, or long-term, I do suggest making them as specific as possible. I think the problem with many New Year's resolutions is that they're often too vague and thus difficult to keep track of or stick to. For instance, instead of saying you want to get in shape, create a measurable goal such as working out 5-6 days per week. 

Create a Plan of Action
Once you've determined the goals, use a sheet or half-sheet of paper to outline your action plan for achieving each one. Determine what steps, big and small, need to be taken and create daily, weekly, and monthly sub-goals in order to get there. 

Develop an Arsenal of Inspiration
On another page, create an ongoing list of things that will inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals. I like to mostly include quotes and songs, but you could also use this space as a vision board and use photos for inspiration.

Start a List of Things You'd Like to Try
Create an open section to list things you would like to try to do this year. I consider these to be tentative goals---things that I'd like to do but am not ready to commit to pursuing. For instance, I would like to try waking up earlier on weekdays but don't necessarily want to make it a serious goal. Some other examples on my list are taking an online class, making more YouTube videos, and logging my daily meals. 

Plan a 30-Day Challenge for Each Month
Whether or not you have big yearly goals, another fun way of trying new things and growing in the new year is to plan out a 30-day challenge for each month of the year. I've chosen to plan out my monthly challenges through June and then readjust based on what's going on in the second half of the year. As an example, my January challenge could be meditating daily, reading everyday, or filming some stock footage for future videos each day.


I'm really excited about the upcoming year!
What goals have you set for yourself and what are you trying to achieve in the next 12 months?