August Beauty Buys & Trys


I love updating you guys on all of the products I buy or am gifted, so here's an updated Recent Beauty Buys & Trys. I actually haven't tried a lot of new products lately, as I've been sticking to a pretty consistent skincare routine and using all of the makeup products I've mentioned in past posts. However, here are four new things I've tried recently!

Glossier | Coconut Balm Dotcom
I love my Glossier as well as anything and everything coconut, so it's about time I got a tube of the coconut Balm Dotcom. The coconut scent smells warm, almost toasted which is perfect and the consistency is super thick, so you don't have to use very much. There are tons of uses including aromatherapy, cuticle moisturizing, and eyebrow taming but my favorite use is as a classic lip balm, especially when I'm straight out of the shower or the pool. 

La Roche-Posay | Toleriane Double Repair Moisturizer UV
I ran out of my Embryolisse and was making a trip to Ulta, so I decided to try this SPF moisturizer from La Roche-Posay. This is an oil-free, prebiotic moisturizer with SPF 30, niacinamide, and ceramide 3. These ingredients should work well for sensitive and acne prone skin, but I will say that the texture feels a bit greasy on my face unless I really take the time to massage it. However, I do recommend you at least try it out if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a good SPF moisturizer as it could be perfect for you.

Mario Badescu | Silver Powder
I saw this mask on Johanna Olsson's YouTube channel and immediately knew I had to try it, so I ran out to Ulta and picked up a jar. My verdict is that this is one of the best masks out there for oil-prone skin (and I've used a ton of masks) and I'm obsessed. It begins as a powder which you apply using a damp cotton round. Let it sit for five to ten minutes and it turns back into a dry powder on your face, soaking up all of the dirt and oil. It's super easy to remove and leaves your skin feeling soft with a matte finish. Plus, it only contains three ingredients!

Talika | Eye Therapy Patch
I've had these around for awhile, but only just recently tried them one rainy afternoon at home. The first thing I noticed was that the patches come in a gel texture that keeps them secure on your skin instead of sliding down your face. Even better, they're formulated with a blend of ceramides, peptides, and essential oils that work to reduce inflammation and puffiness. Although my skin wasn't particularly puffy when I tried these, my under eye area did look brighter after thirty minutes of use.