Recent Beauty Buys


Recently, I had one of those moments when, at the exact same time, you run out of a whole slew of everyday products that need immediate replacing. All in the same weekend, I ran out of moisturizer, shaving cream, body wash, toothpaste, and I'm running low on shampoo and conditioner! Here's some of the things I've picked up lately.

'Dirty' Shave Cream | Lush
Somehow, I had never tried any Lush products before this one! Since I needed shave cream, I headed to the store and tried out each of the creams they had before settling on 'Dirty'. It's incredibly hydrating and smells great as it's made with cedarwood oil, oat milk, shea butter, lavender, sandalwood, and tonka. I will say my one qualm with Lush is that I don't love a lot of their scents, however this smells amazing.

Charity Pot | Lush
I went ahead and picked up the Charity Pot body lotion as well because 100% of its sales go to small grassroots organizations, primarily benefiting animals and the environment. Like the shave cream, Charity Pot smells warm, using ingredients like olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, ylang ylang, vanilla, and aloe. 

Personalized Shampoo + Conditioner | Function of Beauty
I was planning on going to my salon to get shampoo and conditioner from Aveda's Damage Remedy line, but then I saw a blog post about Function of Beauty and decided to try it out instead. It's basically a personalized formula specifically for your personal hair concerns. I have a full review of this coming up soon!

Tinted Brow Freeze | Sephora Collection
I wanted to cash in my VIB points for a set of Fresh products but had to spend a small dollar amount in order to place the order, so I decided to try out the Sephora Collection Tinted Brow Freeze. It's essentially a brow crayon with a slightly waxy consistency. I prefer this consistency over a pencil or a gel because it looks more natural and has a matte finish. I wouldn't say it's the best brow product out there, but it's pretty good for the price. 

Coconut Face Wipes | Sephora Collection
I had seen these before online and thought the packaging was so cute. When I ran out of my Clinique wipes, I decided to give the coconut ones a try and I love them. They're effective but also hydrating rather than stripping your skin like so many other wipes do. Plus, they smell incredible---similar to the smell of Too Faced's Hangover Rx primer. 

Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash | Weleda
Previously, I've been using a giant bottle of Dr. Bronner's peppermint castile soap for everything from body wash to stovetop cleaner. Now that I've run low, I'm picking up an old favorite which is Weleda's Wild Rose body wash. I used to use this in college and realized that I miss the scent! The product is really creamy, which I like as it feels more like a lotion and the scent always makes me feel like my shower is some sort of botanical garden.

Skin Food | Weleda
After running out of moisturizer, I ordered Skin Food from Vitacost where you can get a great deal on price and really fast shipping. This moisturizer is really different---it has a balmy consistency rather than silky like other moisturizers. I do like the feeling of it, but I personally wouldn't use it in the daytime as it is heavy and the smell reminds me of the A&D ointment that you slather all over fresh tattoos. I like it, but I don't think I will purchase again.

Instant Age Rewind | Maybelline
It had been awhile since I used this product but I wanted an under-eye concealer so I picked this up while at the grocery store. It's always been my favorite product for under the eyes and I know that it's beloved by other beauty bloggers, too! I'm fair complected, so I use the shade Light. The formula contains goji berry and haloxyl, so it's treated to diminish dark circles in addition to covering them on a daily basis.

True Match Blush | L'Oreal
I also picked up this blush at the grocery store. I wanted a slightly darker, tan shade so that I could use it as a bronzer/contour instead of my traditional rosy blush, so I chose the shade Bare Honey. So far, I really like it. It's a great shade for summer.

What are your favorite recent beauty buys?