Rituals Himalaya Scrub

A while back, I went out to the beauty store Cos Bar in search of a good body scrub and ended up finding the Himalaya Scrub from the brand Rituals. I had never tried the brand before, but was so taken by the smell that I had to have it. 

This salt scrub uses holy basil, an ancient Ayurvedic ingredient, and fresh mint to create a cooling sensation that makes it perfect for hot, summer skin. Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil create the most luxurious smell that lasts long after using the scrub.

My favorite thing about the Himalayas Scrub is the consistency. Body scrubs, especially homemade ones with salt and sugar, can sometimes feel too abrasive on your skin and on the palms of your hands while applying it. But, this scrub is soft and scrubs the skin just enough to exfoliate without irritation. 

If you're looking for a quality exfoliating scrub for summer, definitely give this one a try!

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