3 Ways to Save Money Shopping Online


As much as I love shopping---and I really do, unfortunately---I also love saving money wherever I can. I probably got that from my dad! When shopping online, like most of us do these days, it can actually be really easy to save money and really stretch your dollar, so to speak. I consider my friend Jess to be the queen when it comes to doing this. I'm always impressed by her success (she has earned nearly $2,000 just through Ebates alone) in getting a lot for her money and it's inspired me to do the same. 

1. Use Ebates
As I mentioned, Jess got me hooked on using Ebates for most of my online purchases. It's so easy and you essentially get paid to shop. All you do is install the extension into your browser and it will pop up when you browse a supported website, which includes everything from Net-a-Porter and J.Crew to Sephora and even airlines. Each website has a designated percent cash back that you receive when you shop. For instance, if Net-a-Porter has 6% cashback and you spend $100 on a pair of Nikes, you get $6 in return simply for shopping through Ebates. This can be particularly lucrative when booking travel or making large purchases. You can read more on her guide here.

2. Install Honey
Honey is a browser extension similar to Ebates. This one automatically applies all applicable coupon codes to your purchase so that you don't have to weed through all of the expired ones around the internet. I love maxing out my coupon codes, especially on Sephora where you can almost always get a free gift with purchase alongside your three free samples.

3. Referral Programs
I sign up for just about every referral program I can and it really pays off. If you often find yourself recommending products or services to your friends, I highly suggest utilizing referral codes. Every time someone buys something using your link, you'll get a little kick back. I use this a lot for services like Grove Collaborative and meal delivery kits.

Now, here's what to buy with your saved money.