Summer in the City Must-Haves


Summer in the city is a beautiful thing. It's quieter in some places while in others, everyone is out enjoying the sunshine in the parks or eating lunch on a sidewalk. There's always a fun event somewhere and a new drink to try or a cute pop-up store to explore. On the other hand, summer in the city can put you in a sort-of survival mode. It's hot and sticky and you feel like everyone is way too close to you and you have too much to carry and you can't put together a cute outfit because you'll sweat through everything.

I've discovered a few ways to make things easier during the summer by carrying with me a couple of simple must-haves:

Facial Mist
I know a lot of people say that summer heat in the city is hell, but growing up in Florida must have made me sort of immune because I never think it feels that bad. The only exception is when you're underground waiting for the subway because it's so humid and you feel like your face is melting off. For occasions like these, I keep one of my favorite facial mists on hand. I'm partial to Caudalie's Beauty Elixir or the Mario Badescu rosewater spray. Giving your skin a good spritz will help you get through the heat.

Canvas Sneaker
While I do sometimes wear sandals, a canvas sneaker is ultimately my go-to for every outfit. They're casual and comfortable, plus they don't slip off when you're walking fast or up the stairs. They also allow you to protect yourself from blisters by using inserts and moleskine. Style-wise, I recommend a classic white sneaker that looks great with everything.

City Sunscreen
Those who know me have likely been bothered by me before as I'm the biggest sunscreen hound of all time. The city requires something a little extra, so I suggest trying out Supergoop's City Sunscreen Serum. It protects against not only UV, but also pollution and environmental damage.

Hair Accessories
Not a day goes by in the summer that I don't eventually put my hair up. When the sun is beating down on you and you're sweating profusely, it's not fun to have your hair sticking to you. Because of this, I like to have a few cute hair accessories available to transform a ponytail or top knot into something that looks purposeful. You can use a cute gold wrap for your ponytail or even tie a little ribbon around your top knot.

Canvas Tote Bag
I've mentioned stickiness a few times and I'll mention it again here because I don't love carrying leather bags around when it's hot. They tend to feel gross and heat can be damaging to the condition of your bag. So, I prefer to carry a cute canvas tote bag that will hold my essentials plus a book and maybe even a snack or juice if I stop to get one.