The Best Brands for a Luxe Vanity

I think it's safe to say we've all spent time perusing Pinterest, looking at endless photos of the most chic, luxurious vanities, bathroom counter tops, and medicine cabinets. That's probably why Into the Gloss' Top Shelf series is such a success.

Our first and foremost priority when it comes to beauty products is, of course, the product's efficacy and its function in our routines. But, it's so nice to walk into your bathroom or your makeup vanity and feel a sense of luxury and femininity. 

There are certain brands that come to mind for me when I think of beautiful packaging and products that evoke a sense of luxury. Caudalie is probably my favorite brand on the market both in terms of efficacy and aesthetics. Another classic is Kiehl's, whose packaging looks great next to girly, feminine products. Sisley Paris has the most gorgeous packaging with little stripes and the best color palette. 

Some other brands with gorgeous products that create the most luxurious vanity area are...

Tom Ford
Jo Malone

Estee Lauder
La Mer