The Weekend List {No. 10}


Well, I'm still in a funk over here but Brighton had a great post this week (about also being in a funk) and it was pretty encouraging! I'm going to plan something fun to do today or tomorrow, maybe going somewhere pretty to take photos or maybe going to see a movie at the place with the reclining chairs and food service. Or, I'll find a Bond movie (I've been trying to see them all) to watch and bake something intricate.

Meanwhile this week, there was a wonderful piece on The Atlantic about how elite colleges can foster 'a cycle of grandiosity and depression' in its students. This was the kind of article I wish that I could pass along to all high school students, college students, and their parents. 

I've been rewatching episodes of The West Wing every so often and got to an episode recently that made me remember how much I adore the character of Ainsley Hayes. She's a beautiful, blonde, Southern, Republican woman who goes to work in President Bartlett's White House and essentially has the exact opposite beliefs as the rest of the staff yet she delivers her opinions and arguments in an incredibly intelligent, collected way that respects her opponents as well as herself. This clip shows some scenes from the episode that stood out to me as being a model for how we should all aspire to communicate our beliefs because, while I may not agree with the position she is defending, the way she says it commands respect and makes you think.

On that note, I love the quote in the photo above and the phrase is actually one I use quite a bit. There is so much going on in the world, as there has been for eternity, but things seem so loud these days and I really see it taking a toll on people's daily lives. Among all of the terrible things, I simply say "What a time to be alive" not just because of the wonderful things happening but also because times of madness often usher in times of great resolution. They shake us up and force us out of our comfort zone, but I like to believe that's for a reason---that to move forward into a new, better age requires a seismic shift in all of us!

Hope you guys have the best weekend!