The Weekend List {No. 11}


Happy first Saturday of summer! I have some really exciting news coming up that I cannot wait to share with you guys. I'm also looking forward to a fun weekend trip I'm taking two weekends from now. Lots of good stuff coming up! It's been a busy week so I've felt pretty gross (maybe it's because I missed my traditional Wednesday pamper night). I need to get a sheet mask and a giant bottle of ice-water stat.

It's been really hot lately, hasn't it? I usually end up putting my hair in a top knot midway through the day, so I was happy to stumble upon this list of sixteen hairstyles for hot days.

Speaking of hot, I've been craving the most summery foods lately! Lots of big salads, fresh fruit (watermelon!!), and lemonade. Anine's lunch yesterday looked amazing.

In more Amazon-takes-over-the-world news, IKEA is now available through Amazon Prime! How amazing is that? Now I can have that cute Rens rug shipped straight to my door.

Having experience in the wedding planning world, I've always been pretty sure I want to have a tiny destination wedding, but if I were to have a traditional one, it would probably look a lot like this beautiful wedding.

Finally, I loved this list of real-life, aesthetically Wes Anderson locations. I'll have to track some of these down for photos.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!