The Weekend List {No. 13}

Happy Saturday! This weekend, my mum will be here to help me pack up my apartment (more on that later) and I'm so excited. We're going to have movies playing in the background (any suggestions? We're planning on things like Les Mis, Grand Budapest Hotel, and Boyhood which we've seen a million times) and some good playlists to make the packing/cleaning process more fun. 

Here is an interesting history of the New York City subway system, particularly with regards to its decline and this year's Summer of Hell.

Chanel has been releasing gorgeous videos showing how their pieces are made. It's incredible to see how much detail goes into each item! Here's one about sunglasses, the bicolor cardigan, and one about the iconic two-tone slingbacks.

Man Repeller has a great article with ideas for relaxing without meditation or exercise. These are some really creative ways to relax that you haven't read all over the internet's big wellness sites.

And, in honor of Bastille Day, The Coveteur is showing us how to channel our inner French girl like a fashion editor.