The Weekend List {No. 16}

Hi, everyone! It's been a nice week here. I've been doing quite a bit of swimming, having tacos, and drinking bellinis, so I can't complain. I'm sad to report that I've also allowed myself to get sucked into Bachelor In Paradise (mostly because Dean's little moment during the opening montage instantly reminded me of this Bo Burnham vine). I admit, it's a gross show but I'm also reading several quality, higher-brow books so I think I've got a good balance going on.

I loved reading about Amelia's "unsexy skin care routine" over at Man Repeller. More and more, I find myself drawn to simple, French drugstore brands with basic packaging. I'm sensing a trend toward beauty products that give off a more medicinal feel.

Speaking of French skin care, I adored Louise Follain's beauty routine on Into the Gloss. She seems like a lovely person and has a very cool vibe about her.

On another note, Josie wrote a great post on kickstarting your day when you're not in the mood to be productive. We all have those kinds of days, so I recommend keeping this information in your back pocket.

My favorite recent read was from Alden of Eco Cult who wrote a fascinating piece for Quartz about multilevel-marketing companies like Lularoe and the impact they have on the women who get involved. It all seems pretty sketchy if you ask me.