The Weekend List {No. 19}

Michelle Kingdom embroidery via  The Jealous Curator

Michelle Kingdom embroidery via The Jealous Curator

How has everyone been lately? I thought I'd share that had a realization about my personal style this week. I've been in that place where I'm pretty close to knowing my personal style inside out, yet I'm still trying and buying and returning pieces that I think I'll like but that end up just feeling wrong. The realization is that, in order to finally achieve the look I've been craving, I want to focus on buying pieces from places like Rouje and Sézane then pair them with the weird shoes and unique pieces I already have and love. Do you guys like those brands? I don't think I've ever found pieces that are so feminine yet relaxed and effortless. They're perfect!

Speaking of Sézane, they have the cutest new shop in New York that I'm dying to get to. I mean, how cute is this? Plus, it's close to Rebelle!

The shop was also mentioned on The Glitter Guide in the context of living like a french girl in New York. I love their recommendations, especially Maman and Ina. 

Stepping out of the french girl world for a moment, did you see Blair's post last week in the England? These might seriously be the most charming photos I've ever seen on anyone's blog.

Lastly, I've been loving Michelle Kingdom's beautiful embroidery. Her scenes are pure magic and give me major fall feelings.

Have a lovely weekend!