the weekend list no. 22


I've officially been living in the city for a little over two weeks now. It's actually pretty weird to think about because the time has passed very quickly. I've been working temporarily at a company that I love in the digital media space (you've definitely heard of it) and that's probably why the days seem to be flying by.

This past weekend, my best friend Caroline was in town and we had quite the adventures. Over the weekend, the heat in my building wasn't turning (which was admittedly frustrating and impossible because it was below freezing outside), so we went to stay for two nights at a hotel downtown. It was actually kind of funny and exciting to have a little staycation! 

I recently read an article called "Stop Trying to Be Happy" by Mark Manson. I loved his approach to the topic because it's honest and realistic. I especially liked when he said "...some people in the self-help industry want you to feel like there's something wrong with you all the time" with regards to obsessive positivity. 

This article from Business of Fashion was so intriguing.  The premise is viewing millennials as 'modern Pagans' worshipping the goddesses of nature (sustainability), health (wellness), experience (experientialism), and simplicity (minimalism). 

BoF is obviously killing it lately because they had another great article covering the top selling products in Q3. Is anyone surprised to see that Off White has joined the ranks of bestselling brands? Caroline was getting so many compliments on her Off White bag strap when she was here last weekend.

I loved Tatiana Hambro's Top Shelf on ITG. She's super interesting and has a gorgeous vintage collection. 

Lastly, I know I mentioned before that I was going to try vlogging again, but I just couldn't get around to it for some reason. I'm too focused on photography to be thinking about getting good film shots in addition, so I kind of skipped out on the whole thing altogether.