the weekend list no. 24

Happy Saturday! It finally feels like the holidays are in full swing, doesn't it? The city is sparkling, street corners are filled with Christmas trees, and everyone is wearing cute beanies around here. What have you all been up to the past two weeks? I've been watching a lot of Suits lately (yes, because of Meghan Markle) and I'm shocked I never watched it before because it's right up my alley.

Speaking of all the press surrounding Meghan Markle recently, this is the article I loved the most, probably because it was written by Meghan herself. It's about how far she's come from her early acting days and I think it's so relatable for other young women. The story about her car is especially funny because I bet the last thing she ever expected in that moment was that she'd marry a literal prince one day.

I didn't know a lot about life coaches or the purpose they serve, but this article on The Everygirl helped me understand what they can do for their clients. 

The team at Camille Styles finally released a full photo tour of their renovated bungalow office space and it is to die for! The idea of renovating an old house into a group office space is so inspiring. They also made over the teachers' lounge at a local school, which I think is such a cool way to give back to the community plus it looks so pretty!

If you're looking for an inspirational story this week, here's one: this man built an inclusive water park that's inviting and comfortable for people with special needs.

And finally, as promised long ago, I have a vlog for you guys! It's not the greatest quality because it's shot entirely on my iPhone, but I actually had fun making it! It's just a very chill weekend in my life, running errands and doing some Black Friday shopping. Hope you like!