The Weekend List (No. 3)

Happy Saturday! Did you guys do anything fun this week? I worked on some fun projects but also, not going to lie, really enjoyed watching The Voice. I'm usually not a huge fan, but the singers this season are really interesting. I feel like Hunter may actually be someone who really makes it after the show.

I read this post on Fashionista earlier in the week and found it pretty useful. For some reason, I feel like styling tricks can be hard to translate into words but this did a great job at giving me some inspiration.

While we're on the topic, I have been loving the new podcast 4 p.m. at Fashionista. They're only a few episodes in but so far the topics have been relevant and discussed in an interesting way, kind of like having brunch with your fashion friends. The most recent episode was about Coachella which is always the big thing on our minds this time of year.

I loved this piece from the Times about taking time off from work to be more productive. For some time, I've been a huge proponent of a more European, specifically Scandinavian, style work culture that doesn't try to force employees into the traditional mold and this article just solidified that.

Business of Fashion shared a fascinating interview with Anna Wintour which featured the beautiful line: "It's 8:34 am on a crisp March morning and Wintour is wearing Prada." Anna is such a powerhouse and this article only makes me admire her more.

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