The Weekend List (No. 4)

I flew to Florida last night for my birthday vacation and am so excited to be here! We're watching the Derby today and tomorrow is my birthday, so we have some fun plans lined up. I've been looking forward to this week for so long and can't wait to do all of the fun stuff we have planned and see my best friend! 

I've been following this blog called The Jealous Curator for some time and always love seeing the gorgeous artwork she posts. Earlier this week, she shared the work of Vanessa Hogge and I was blown away by how gorgeous the pieces are. Look at the photo at the top of this post---that's a porcelain flower!

If you're looking for a movie to stream this weekend, The New Yorker has some ideas outside the typical spectrum of Netflix movie recommendations. I second the recommendation of Hugo (even though it's a wintery film) and have moved La Sapienza way up my to-watch list. 

The piece "Nevertheless He Persisted: Tales of Male Perseverance" from McSweeney's made me laugh this week, particularly the story of good 'ole Henry Parker, 52.

Finally, I've decided to use my 25th birthday as the start date for a new shopping philosophy. I've always been interested in luxury products and beautiful packaging, but have now decided to view all future purchases as being not only functional but as design choices. I love a sort of luxe Parisienne vibe, so I'm going to focus on solely buying things from brands that tie in with that aesthetic, especially when it comes to beauty---think Chanel and Tom Ford paired with French pharmacy things like Embryolisse and Bioderma.