The Weekend List (No. 8)

Happy Saturday! In all honesty, this wasn't exactly the best week for me emotionally. Sometimes, it's really weird how right your intuition can be about things. It's a blessing and a curse in many ways, I suppose, but certainly something to be grateful for even if the outcome of a situation seems terribly negative at the time. Regardless, I'm just going to shop for some new glasses, make a vision board, and do some reorganizing at home for a fresh start.

This morning, I'm going out with a friend to the farmer's market downtown and to a bagel shop that she swears has the best orange juice. I haven't been to the farmer's market in so long (it's the all cash thing that puts me off, haha) so I'm excited to find some local honey and maybe get some flowers.

- “Today, shows have nothing to do with clothes anymore. Most of the looks are not even produced and therefore never get to the shop floor. Shows are there merely to sell a dream that at the end of the day will sell a perfume or a wallet in a duty-free store.” Loved this article on selling luxury brands!

- So, I subscribe to a podcast called The Popcast with Knox and Jamie which I can always count on to make me laugh but this week's episode was just too funny not to share. It was called "2017 Chris American Pageant" and consisted of the hosts discussing the top "Chrises" of the year (Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, etc.) and the "Chrises" that fell short.

- I've been so into dresses from LoveShackFancy lately! They are all so cute and perfect for summer. I've also had my eye on a simple necklace from Gorjana which I think would look so pretty with just about any outfit. 

- Are you guys familiar with Mantraband bracelets? They come in different metals with tons of different mantra options and are actually super affordable. Currently on my immediate wishlist is the gold "She believed she could, so she did" bracelet. It's a phrase I love so much and I think these bracelets would make a perfect gift either to a friend or to yourself.

- I also stopped by Cos Bar last weekend and picked up a new body scrub from the brand Rituals. I hadn't tried any of their products before but it smelled so good, I had to have it. Luckily, it turned out to be even better than I imagined! The texture is abrasive enough to exfoliate your skin, but it's also soft enough to feel good on the palms of your hands when you're applying it. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!