The Weekend List {No. 9}

I mentioned last Saturday that I wasn't having the best week but this week, I've been all about jazz, listening to a great playlist on Spotify. I've really found that when I feel anxious or just not the best for whatever reason, jazz is the answer. I think that's because it's both distracting and complex yet relaxing. 

My Instagram feed has been so gorgeous lately! I've been especially obsessed with following Julia's adventures in Provence and Jenny's travels all over the world. Both, along with the jazz, have had me feeling a bit retro.

Did you know that millennials are the the heaviest buyers of skincare? Whether we're taking cues from classic French women or are simply influenced by what we see on social media, I think it's great that my generation cares about their skin and are making a greater effort to keep it healthy. Fashionista posted a great article about millennial skincare buying habits that gives more insight.

Speaking of millennial skincare, have you seen photos of Glossier's new Birthday Balm Dot Com? It's adorable!

I've also been following the British election and am so fascinated by the results! Vox has a great piece explaining what is so amazing about this election for those of us who aren't super familiar with the British election system.

This week, I decided on a whim to re-watch Gossip Girl (probably for the third or fourth time) and I somehow forgot how much I love this show. This time around, I'm really into Lily & Rufus for some reason and while I have always been a Blair die-hard, I'm now really into Serena? The world has clearly turned upside down. Let's all go to Butter