Coconut Cake & My 25th Birthday

I had such a nice birthday weekend! Yesterday, I turned 25 which somehow felt less weird to me than turning 24. On Friday, my team at work surprised me and my cube mate Amber (we're birthday twins!) with adorable mini donuts and our other cube mate Jess brought us the cutest pink cake pops and our favorite drinks from Starbucks. Then, we had a group lunch at BurgerFi before I headed off to the airport.

On my actual birthday, I wanted things to be fun but pretty chill, which is exactly what I got. The day started with the most perfect breakfast in bed and the cutest gift from my parents from The Little Market. I spent the rest of the morning baking and relaxing around the house which--seriously--is exactly what I needed. 

Then, we had a late lunch of hot, homemade margherita pizza topped with lemony arugula with a sparkling limoncello drink on the side. For my birthday cake, I baked a homemade, vegan chocolate coconut cake with lemon 'cream cheese' frosting and it was absolutely delicious! Chocolate cake and coconut are two of my favorite things, so that was perfect. After dinner, we watched The First Monday in May! 

I'll have several more upcoming posts about this trip soon, but for now I hope you enjoy the rest of this week's posts. You can expect swimsuits, drinks, picnics and more.

I'll spare you the lists of twenty five things I'm grateful for, looking forward to, or that you don't know about me. Instead, I just want to thank everyone who made my birthday so fun and who made this year and every year before it so great!

As always, thank you guys for reading! xx