Vacation Day-in-the-Life

My vacations to Florida are always a bit different than trips anywhere else since it's technically the place I call home. That means, it's more about relaxing at home with my parents or seeing friends and there's something so fun about that! I love traveling, but trips home have their own sort of magic. Here's a little rundown of what a typical day looks like.


In the morning, I wake up around 8 am, have a glass of water and say hello to anyone who is awake including my kitten Elizabeth. After getting ready for the day, I head out for brunch at The Briarpatch with my best friend Caroline where I, of course, have lemonade and eggs benedict. After brunch, we walk around Winter Park and look into all of the best shops. I love Winter Park as it always kind of reminds me of classic California. 



In the early afternoon, I come back home and get straight into the pool with a magazine and a sparkling drink. After an hour or so, I head back inside (gotta protect the skin from the crazy Florida sun) and tend to fall asleep on the couch for a bit. There's something really satisfying about being in the pool and the sun and then falling asleep with wet hair after coming back into the air conditioning. I have a small lunch, usually salad and a slice of baguette with goat cheese or something similar.

IMG_1006 2.JPG


In the evening, we have dinner. It's usually something incredibly delicious that I wish I could recreate at home but never can. Then, we have whatever small dessert we baked earlier in the week and I sit down to read for a bit before turning on a movie. A day that includes brunch, shopping, swimming, napping, and a movie is nothing less than perfect if you ask me.