Weekend List {No. 14}

So sorry for the lack of posts lately, you guys! It's been a crazy few weeks but I'm finally getting back into the flow here. I can't tell you how full my inbox is or how crowded my Bloglovin feed has become. It's crazy what happens when you take even a few days of just casual disconnection! Haha. 

As much as I've enjoyed summer this year, I'm so ready for autumn. How about you? I've begun pinning things like crazy to my 'autumn' board on Pinterest. Modern Mrs. Darcy released her fall book club picks, if you're looking for some cozy reads.

Speaking of autumn and coziness, I found this great blog post listing several things to do in Scotland for Harry Potter fans!

Although I'm looking forward to autumn, I'm still trying to savor those little summer moments like the ones captured in these Christopher Burk paintings. Some of my favorite artworks are ones that center around capturing light, so I especially love these. The third and fourth pieces remind me so much of a photo I took of a house a few years ago while on a night bike ride through my college town.