Weekend List {No. 15}

KC Christmas via The Jealous Curator

KC Christmas via The Jealous Curator

How was your week? I'm getting back into a positive frame of mind and checking everything off my to-do list each day which feels amazing. I've also been enjoying the opportunity to relax for a bit, taking swims in the morning and watching movies in the evening. 

If you're looking to pick up a new healthy habit this weekend, CAP Beauty has a wonderful guide to adaptogens. This will give you a little overview of what adaptogens do and the different kinds you can use.

While you're looking into ingredients, check out this list of ingredients that are banned overseas, but still legal in the U.S.

There was an interesting piece over at The Atlantic entitled "Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?". While it had a lot of thought-provoking points, I have to say that I disagree with the statement as a whole. My generation and the one below it certainly have our share of issues to address (just like any other generation), but I must say that I'm consistently impressed with the young women (high schooled aged) I meet or read about. They're intelligent, creative, and much more engaged with the world than most people were when I was in high school.

Finally, Man Repeller had a great reminder this week for the next time we offhandedly say, "I'm broke."