What to Pack for a City Break This Summer


I'm headed to New York next weekend for a little summer city break. When I interned there a few summers ago, I became so obsessed with the city in the summer because it's so much quieter and emptier than usual. I remember walking around the UES with a friend one summer weekend around 4 or 5 pm and it was completely empty and silent. 

Whether you're off to New York or Paris or Austin or London or wherever, try not to overpack! It can be a pain to pack it all back up again at the end of the weekend, so packing light will make you better off in the long run. Plus, you only need a few things anyway!

Little Black Dress
Choose a black dress that can be dressed down for daytime and dressed up at night. Since you'll be moving around a lot in the city, be sure to pick a dress that's both comfortable and practical, meaning not too long (or it will drag on the dirty sidewalk) and not too short (could be awkward when you're walking up the steep stairs in the subway). I like a black dress in a breathable fabric, like cotton or linen, that hits just above the knee.

Silk Blouses
Pack two silk blouses to switch between over the weekend. I recommend silk because it looks dressy, in case you want to stop into somewhere upscale for lunch or make a quick trip to Barney's, but still feels comfortable. My suggestion is to pack one simple, white blouse that is easy to style and one blouse that's a little more interesting and of the moment like the gingham blouse I picked below.

Skinny Jeans
Pack your favorite pair of skinny jeans to wear with both blouses you picked. I recommend a darker wash in a classic style so that the jeans can serve as a backbone to your weekend wardrobe rather than playing the starring role. Wear what is most comfortable for you, but high-waisted jeans are my favorite as they make me feel a little more pulled together.

Since it's the summer, pack a pair of pretty slides to wear with any of your outfits. I would go for a neutral tone out of preference, but if you've kept the rest of your pieces fairly neutral, you could also wear a brightly colored or printed slide to make your look a little more eccentric. Wear these slides your black dress in the daytime or with either of your blouse-and-jeans combinations.

Ankle Boots
I love ankle boots for city trips because they are comfortable for long walks yet they look super stylish. I like the Isabel Marant Dicker boots in a neutral tone for this situation. Wear it with either of your skinny jeans outfits or with the black dress if that's your vibe.

Pair of Heels
Pack one good pair of nude heels to slip on with your black dress if you decide to go out at night. If your bag is big enough, slip your slides in there for the walk home. 

Sunglasses might be an obvious thing to pack, but choosing which pair can make a big difference in your overall look. I tend to go for tortoise shell sunglasses since they provide a sort-of classic, glamorous look.

Simple Metallic Necklace
Pick one, simple necklace in the metallic of your choice to go with each of your daily outfits. Gorjana makes the most beautiful, simple necklaces that are also affordable. You can't go wrong pairing a Gorjana necklace with any outfit.

Set of Pajamas
Finally, pack one pajama set for the weekend. It's likely you'll only wear the pajamas twice, so pack one pretty set to save room in your luggage.