Where to Splurge & Save in Your Closet

I recently wrote a post about where to splurge and save in your beauty routine and wanted to follow up with a post on splurging/saving in your closet. Every fashion blogger seems to preach the philosophy of a high-low wardrobe and I completely agree. Obviously, we each have our own values when it comes to spending money on clothing whether it's because of our personal finances or our desire not to contribute to the fast fashion industry.

I think you can strike a good balance in this area, so here are some quick tips on where to splurge and save on your wardrobe. 


I recommend buying cashmere sweaters because the material is the softest you will find and they easily carry from cold temperatures to warmer ones. The material is lightweight, but warm. Some tips to keep in mind when buying cashmere are to make sure the fabric is tightly knit and doesn't feel slippery, which can indicate over-processing. But you certainly don't need to go broke buying cashmere. Brands like Vince, Everlane, J.Crew, and Equipment have some great mid-range splurges.

Nude Pumps
Because they're such a classic, a great pair of nude pumps are an excellent investment. A pair of nude Louboutins is the ultimate get, but some other great options are Loeffler Randall and Stuart Weitzmann.

High quality jeans are more comfortable and will fit you better than a cheap pair, plus they have better recovery which means you won't find the knees or butt sagging at the end of the day. My go-to for denim is Madewell and other great brands are Paige, J Brand and Frame

If you're going to buy a blazer and can swing it, I highly recommend splurging here. One incredible blazer will take you so much further than five cheap, ill-fitting blazers. My Ralph Lauren Collection blazer is incredible. It fits perfectly without having ever been tailored and has held up wonderfully for many years. For great blazers, check out Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, and Saint Laurent. I promise if you go to a great resale shop, you can even find blazers from these brands at a much lower price.


Seasonal & Occasional Dresses
Since trends and the weather change so often, there's no point in splurging on seasonal and occasional dresses. For this category, I suggest picking just a few favorites from places like Mango, Nordstrom, and Zara that will last you a couple of years. 

Trendy Shoes
Shoes are a category where trends change so often that, again, it's better just to get an inexpensive version of the high-end shoe that sparked the trend. As always, Zara is great for finding the it shoe of the season for a great price as are Asos and Mango.

Workout Tops
While I do think that it's worth splurging on a great pair of leggings that fit you perfectly and don't slip down, you can stay on the inexpensive side when it comes to workout tops. Buy a few easy tops from Old Navy or Asos that will allow you to easily create several outfits from just two or three pairs of higher end leggings or shorts.

(Most) Jewelry
Unless you are majorly splurging on an heirloom type piece of jewelry from somewhere like Cartier, Tiffany, Graff, and such then I recommend skipping the mid-range jewelry brands and picking up a few costume pieces from Forever 21 or H&M. The only mid-range brand I would really recommend is Gorjana because the pieces are timeless and not very expensive.