Wish List: Home Decor

Okay, I've got to admit that since I initially put this list together, I've checked two things off of it. One part of the way I do minimalism is to keep lists labeled Have, Need, and Replace whether it be for clothing or home decor. An important part of maintaining minimalism for me is to be very clear about what I should be shopping for. The first priority is to find items from the 'need' column and the second priority is to replace. This method really helps me to avoid buying things mindlessly.

Since I first made this list, I've checked off the first two items but am continuing to search for the rest. Who knows how long the process will take? Regardless, it's nice to have an ongoing list of things you need so that shopping doesn't make you feel guilty.

  • Clean, simple lamp.
  • New set of white dishes.
  • Chunky,  knit blanket.
  • Soft, patterned rug.
  • Accent chair.
  • Chic coffee table.
  • Black-and-white fashion and art coffee table books.
  • Pale gray nightstand.