a cozy apple pie + my quick tip for the perfect filling


A few weeks ago, I was seriously craving an apple pie and also wanted to try out some intricate decorating methods. I love to experiment when baking, although the experiments have to be pretty controlled since baking is such a precision-focused activity. 

For this specific pie, we wanted to make the filling extra soft and gooey. Sometimes, when you just throw the apple slices into the pie and bake, they turn out too dry. The method we tried this time around ended up working really well! Dice the peeled apples into cubes then place in a bowl. Bring a kettle of water to a boil. When it starts boiling, remove it from heat and pour over the apple cubes, making sure to cover them all. Let them sit for about ten minutes, then drain and add to the crust pan to bake.

This method gave us a really good, gooey filling that felt traditional and homey. For the topping, I cut inch and half-inch slices of dough, weaving them together in a loose lattice. I also added a braided element and a few cut-out leaves.