a love letter to veselka


Oh, Veselka!

You all probably know it's my favorite restaurant in the city, so I figured it deserves its own post. 

I can't remember when or where I first heard about Veselka, but once I kept hearing about it and seeing it on Gossip GIrl, I knew that I had to try it out. I finally went for the first time during a trip to New York when I first started college and was totally hooked on the pierogi. It's been my favorite ever since!

Veselka first opened in 1954 and still retains that midcentury, classic New York charm along with cozy Ukrainian vibes. They serve Ukrainian classics like pierogi, borscht, and really good sauerkraut but also have a huge brunch menu and New York favorites like the egg cream.

I take all my guests to Veselka and I swear, it never fails. No matter who it is, they always fall in love like I did! My brother said the cabbage soup was the best he's ever had and all my friends text me when they show up at the restaurant late at night to tell me how excited they are. One of my old co-workers and friends Ashley and I actually bonded when we first met over the fact that she loved Veselka too.

The food is amazing, yes, but there's also just something about the energy. Since it's open 24 hrs (and I've been there at pretty much every hour), I no doubt have a ton of adventure stories that result in my friends and me ending up at Veselka at all hours of the night. 

Have you been to Veselka? If not, please go next time you're in the city!