bastille day beach picnic


Over the weekend, my best friend and I celebrated Bastille Day with a little baguettes-on-the-beach party. We packed our Parisian-inspired net bags and headed to the shore for a few hours. We kept the spread pretty simple with peaches, mango juice, crusty baguettes, and a little wheel of triple creme brie. 

We spent a few hours at the beach, mostly swimming and being pummeled by waves until the tide went out and the water became a lot more calm. That's really my favorite thing. The waves calm down and stop breaking on top of you so you can kind of just roll over them. 

After the beach, we did some restaurant hopping and then went back to her house to swim at twilight. We listened to some favorite summer songs like "Hallelujah Junction" by John Adams and "American Eyes" by Promises Ltd.