changing up your skincare for warm weather


It's supposed to get up to seventy degrees here in New York today! Has spring finally arrived?! You know I'm crossing my fingers. Yes, its arrival was delayed but warm weather really is right around the corner now and that means it's probably time to make some updates to your beauty routine.

You know I'm a big skincare person, so you'd think I'd be more aware of how important it is to change your skincare routine according to the season. But when I moved to the city in the winter months, I continued using my same old cleanser and moisturizer, which were great products but they weren't at all the right products for a cold, dry climate. Once I switched just those two products, my skin was so happy!

Some quick tips for adjusting your skincare for the warmer month:

- Start by changing either your cleanser or your moisturizer, but not both. This will allow you to make adjustments as needed and save you from wasting your money on two products that don't work well together for your skin. 

- You might want to switch to an acne-fighting cleanser for summer since you'll be sweating a lot more and clogging your pores.

- Switch to a more lightweight daily moisturizer and, as always, make sure it has SPF. 

I've rounded up a few of my older beauty posts to give you some inspiration for making adjustments to your routine. If you need recommendations for products, send me a message or a comment! 

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