black jumpsuit // coffee talk


Annnnnd, we're back with another edition of 'coffee talk! These photos were taken at Craft & Common, a lovely little coffee shop in Orlando. I'm wearing my favorite black jumpsuit from Francesca's, one I've been wearing all summer because it's so lightweight that it's perfect for extra hot days. Typically, I've been topping it with a denim jacket if I'll be indoors. 

Alright, let's get into the topics:

upcoming travels // I mentioned this before, but I'm so excited about my next big trip. In the spring, I have flights booked to London and Amsterdam! I haven't been to Europe since just after college graduation so it's about time I head back. Our first stop in London will include my birthday and then we'll hop over to the Netherlands which is going to be so fun since my heritage is very, very Dutch. 

the bold type // Have you guys watched this show? When it was first being promoted, I honestly thought it looked kind of silly (something I now feel bad about), but recently I decided to watch it because it looked like it could be similar to my experience working at a female-led digital publication. I'm so glad I gave it a try because it's really, really good. In my opinion, it's a pretty realistic vision of what it's like to work in that industry and be a 20-something girl in New York City. It's also super empowering and always motivates me to be a better 'girl boss'. 

fall 'bucket list' // I came up with an autumn 'bucket list' (side note: I hate this term. Can we call it something else?) a few weeks ago and have already started checking things off. Drink a Starbucks hot caramel apple spice? Check. Buy a fall candle? Check. Host a game night with breakfast for dinner? Check! So yeah, fall is off to a good start. What are some things you want to do to celebrate the season?

my new yoga studio // I mentioned a couple of days ago that I went to a new yoga studio with my friend Holly. I’m in love with it! It’s in a warehouse-type building with big garage doors that open to the outside. That way, our hot yoga classes are heated by the natural temperature outside rather than indoor temperature control. I found that it made for such a better experience during the class because it felt more natural and the breeze was so refreshing!