spring weekend in my life


Happy last day of April! I'd say 'where has the month gone?' but really, this month for me didn't speed by as fast as months have been seeming to do since the beginning of the year. It's not that it dragged on, it just felt appropriately timed. When I haven't been barricaded in my apartment to avoid the too cold weather, I've been spending most weekends shooting photos, working on a big project, and spending time with friends.

As of now, I'm writing this from the airport. This past weekend was a fun one. My best friend came to visit and to celebrate my birthday early. I thought it'd be the perfect weekend for a 'weekend in my life' post, so here it is!

Friday, April 27th
After work, I started the weekend by meeting Caroline at The Oculus. I usually walk through here to the train after work so it seemed like the perfect spot and we're also doing this thing where we're pretending to be international super spies, so we decided to rendezvous at the Venus et Fleurs pop-up.

After meeting up, we headed over to The Smith for dinner. I've been obsessed with their mac + cheese for years, but hadn't had it in awhile so I was excited! After dinner, we had our favorite Sweet Milk + Cherry gelato from Eataly and stopped by the clocktower bar at the New York Edition. 

After that, we came home and watched this hilarious new show on Netflix called Aggretsuko which is the most weirdly relatable thing we had ever seen.


Saturday, April 28th
Saturday morning, I had some errands to run. After waking up, I packed up my bags and headed out to the West Village to return my library books and drop off a package at the post office. Then, we went walked around the library's garden because it was the perfect spring day outside! The flowers were blooming and it smelled so good.

Then, we went over to my favorite restaurant Bluestone Lane for brunch where I had my go-to gluten free banana bread with berries, ricotta, and honey.

After breakfast, we made a pit stop at The Strand so that I could sell some of my old books.You don't really get much money from this, but it's a decent method of clearing some space at home. 

Our next stop was MoMA PS1 over in Long Island City. I have been dying to see the James Turrell exhibit forever---it's even on my 101 in 1001 list. It totally exceeded my expectations! It looks like just a painted blue square on the ceiling, but it is actually an open hole in the roof. This day was the perfect day to go because it was sunny, blue skies, and warm with a breeze that filled the whole room.

In fact MoMA PS1 might be my new favorite gallery space. It's housed in an old school building, which is totally up my alley. I used to be obsessed with old schools when I was a kid. 

Then, we headed back to Brooklyn where I finally tried the Milk Bar cereal milk ice-cream and, you guys, it's the best ice-cream I've ever had. That's saying a lot because I'm a huge ice-cream person and have tried so many different places. But this wasn't super sweet, was a little salty, and was seriously amazing. Later that night, we ordered Roberta's pizza and ate it in bed watching Desperate Housewives. Livin' the dream!


Sunday, April 29th
First thing Sunday morning, I went over to Williamsburg to do my laundry first and got that out of the way. After that, I picked up an iced vanilla latte and we headed uptown to stop by the Albertine bookstore and walk around the park. It was so beautiful out that day and the park was filled with pink blooms. 

After our walk, we headed down to SoHo for a late lunch at Jack's Wife Freda. I had a Pimm's cup as a way of celebrating baby Prince Louis and the yummiest fries! Then, we walked around the are to browse at Glossier, Brandy Melville, Madewell, and Kith. 

Just to keep things real, I'll mention that I witnessed a scary domestic dispute when I was in the train station heading home. It was incredibly wild and really sad, but it reminded me that one thing I love about New York is that if someone is in trouble, everyone around will have your back do their best to protect you. 

All-in-all, it was a really beautiful weekend and I'm so happy that I took so many photos and can look back on it!