book report: january 2018

This month was really all about comfort reading for me. Last month, Version Control was a really depressing read and I just needed some books that were fast-paced and fun. I ended up reading two, breezing through the first one and then taking the rest of the month to read the second.

Origin by Dan Brown
It's no secret that I'm a shameless Dan Brown fan and I was so excited for this new novel of his. I picked it up from The Strand one morning and was more than halfway through it by bedtime. If you're familiar with the Robert Langdon series, you pretty much know the drill. Something bad happens involving art/history/religion, Robert Langdon is somehow involved and has to get through the situation with a beautiful, interesting woman (usually an art curator, right?) by his side. This one is just as formulaic, but it's a good thing in this case. Origin was about a tech billionaire who plans to reveal a major scientific discovery that threatens to disrupt the world order. It was delightfully just what I expected and I loved it for that!

The City Baker's Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller
On a very different note, this book was kind of like the written equivalent of a cute Hallmark movie or something of that nature. A renowned baker from Boston ends up moving to Vermont where she is the baker at a country inn. If you like Gilmore Girls and cheesy Hallmark movies or if you're just in need of something super lighthearted, check this one out.