chocolate cherry braided bread loaf


Do you guys love The Great British Baking Show as much as I do? I swear, it's the most relaxing, serene show I've ever watched. Recently, I started watching the Masterclass episodes, in which Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry show the proper way to create some of the recipes the contestants had to bake on the regular show. On Season 1, Episode 4 of Masterclass, Paul bakes a chocolate cherry braided loaf. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to bake it!

I used the recipe here but had to tweak it a bit since the measurements are in grams and I, unfortunately, don't have a food scale. I also watched the episode over and over while working on the bread in order to really copy what Paul was doing. I will say this: I ended up adding more flour than I expected because the cherries made the dough so sticky and I was afraid I would mess the whole thing up. I also had a really hard time braiding, which I did not expect! I'm very good at braiding typically and he made it look easy but braiding with four strands ended up being a challenge, hence the odd shape of the loaf in the end.

Challenges aside, this bread was so good. Aside from the chocolate chips, there's no sugar and it's super simple with just a few ingredients. It's sweet enough to eat as a dessert but not so cloying that it doesn't work for breakfast or just an afternoon snack. The cherries make for some really juicy spots in the bread and I love that the white chocolate chips melt away into little swirls. Yum!