day in the life: valentine's edition


My best friend Caroline is in town, so we were able to spend Valentine's Day together yesterday and had the best time! We spent most of the day in Williamsburg at some of the cutest places, so I figured I'd share a little 'day in the life' post.

I wanted to dedicate a good portion of the day to a project I was working on, so I headed out in the morning to do some work in Williamsburg. I had originally planned to go to Toby's Estate but there weren't any seats so I went across the street to one of my other favorite little places, Caprice's. 

I had a Mason Jar of raspberry lemonade and worked on my laptop while staring at all of the pastries, baguettes, and gougères. Caroline met me shortly after and we talked for a bit while I worked, then we headed out to start our fun day!


The next spot we visited was Sweethaus, which I've mentioned here before as being one of the cutest, coziest places in the city. Caroline had the tomato soup and grilled cheese that I tried before and I ordered a turkey, cheddar, and fig jam panini that came with the yummiest side salad. I'm not sure what the dressing was but it had a slightly Asian flavor to it! So good. 

Again, how cute is this place? This time, I noticed even more cute details than before----like that 'Frosting Room' sign! It can't get much cuter.


After lunch, we walked over to Martha's Country Bakery to split a dessert. I had never been here before and, wow, this place is like heaven on Earth! You walk in and there is a long line of displays with every sweet you can imagine from cupcakes and eclairs to pies, cakes, and big trays of banana pudding. We ended up ordering the strawberry shortcake which was delicious. 


The next stop was Bedford Cheese Shop where we chatted with the cheese expert and sampled a couple of different types of cheese. If you have a cheese shop in your town, this is such a fun little outing to try. We ended up leaving with the most incredible goat cheese which we spread onto rosemary crackers.


I didn't take any photos of our next stop because I was too zen to remember. We stopped at the Rituals store and both got hand treatments. Mine was using the Ritual of Anahata collection plus the Ritual of Dao body scrub. She started by using a shower oil followed by a scrub, a cream, and then a moment of meditation. 

After that, we went over to Madewell in search of bellbottoms. We had no luck there but I did find a couple of really cute white t-shirts and bandanas to add to my wishlist. We finished off our exploration at the cutest clothing shop. I'll probably end up doing a whole post on this place because I seriously want to buy everything they had!

All-in-all, it was such a good Valentine's Day and I was so happy to spend it with my best friend. Hopping around to a couple of different food places and boutiques is such a fun, easy way to spend the day with someone you love.