dreaming about travel destinations

I've been seeing so many fun 'dream travel destination' posts since the beginning of the new year and thought doing my own would be a fun way to collect my thoughts on all of the trips I'd like to take. Since I moved recently, I'm currently not in the serious planning process for any big trips, but now is a good time to start daydreaming. Here are the places that have been on my mind the most:

Specifically Montreal and Quebec City in the autumn. Both of these cities look like the perfect places to enjoy a cozy, magical fall trip. 

I've been dying to visit several locations in Southeast Asia because they have so much to offer when it comes to relaxation, culture, and adventure. Specifically, I'd like to go to Bali, Bhutan, and Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam.

Japan is very, very high on my list and I know it will require quite a length of time to do it the way I'd like to. Of course, I'll go to Tokyo but I also want to visit Kyoto, stay in a traditional ryokan in the countryside, see the deer in Nara, and visit Hokkaido to pretend I'm in My Neighbor Totoro (and maybe even go to the Totoro house in Nagoya).

I'd like to spend most of the time in Hong Kong at this point, visiting the Big Buddha and what not but I'd also love to see Shanghai for its futuristic architecture.

I obviously would like to go back to Paris again, but the biggest spots in Europe on my list are Edinburgh (one of my biggest dream destinations) and a couple of spots in central Europe like Switzerland, Germany, and Austria because I want to do---don't judge me---a fairytale castle tour.

I'm hoping to do a couple of weekend trips out of the city, perhaps around New York state, maybe to Boston or Vermont. But, I also need to go to Charleston because I can't believe I haven't already been. My college town was kind of like a mini-Charleston so I think it'd be fun. Also, would like to do a proper trip to Palm Beach (although I've already been since I'm from Florida) to stay at The Colony. I'd also love to get to Hawaii eventually.

The inevitable Africa trip in my life is one I'm really looking forward to. I obviously want to do Cape Town and maybe some other parts of South Africa, but I'd also love to see parts of Zambia and Tanzania, find an ethical safari, and dream of doing work in Uganda.

I'm dying to go to Dubai for the gorgeous hotels, shopping, and beaches but I'd also like to stopover at the airport in Doha, Qatar if possible (potentially en route to Bali).

What places have you been dying to visit?