five airport outfits to make you look vip

Why are we all so fascinated by airport outfits? Or more specifically, by celebrities in the airport. I don't know what it is, but there's something about a good airport look that really appeals to me. As shallow as it seems, I really enjoy looks that make you feel VIP or even just mysterious!

Here are a couple of outfit ideas for your next airport visit that'll make you feel VIP.

A duster coat is your go-to piece for making any outfit look pulled together. For the most comfortable airport outfit, just wear your favorite athleisure pieces underneath one of these coats, which you can take off on the plane to use as a blanket.

For a sort-of Olivia Culpo inspired look, pair some comfortable but flattering black leggings with a broken-in white tee. Over that, layer a cute varsity jacket then pair with comfy black ankle boots.

A surefire way to look more interesting at the airport is to add a flat brim hat to your look. I like the idea of this brown one from Rag & Bone with a simple black t-shirt, slip on shoes, and leather leggings.

This is a look that could potentially go wrong if not done properly, but when done right you'll look super chic and pulled together. Pair a matching tracksuit with high-end slides and your favorite oversized sunglasses. Be sure to keep your hair and makeup look simple and clean to avoid making the look sloppy.

For a classic look, wear a loose-fitting white button-down with black leggings. Wear this underneath a light trench coat paired with a classic slide-on loafer for easy removal when you go through TSA.