five ways to treat yourself this weekend


There's something about autumn that just feels special. I really feel like it's the "treat yourself" season above all others. Considering that the earth is going through a major transition and society is as well (back-to-school, etc.), it only makes sense that now provides a great opportunity for a little more "self-care" time. Here are some of my favorite ways to give myself a treat every so often. 

light a candle + read this month's issue of your favorite magazine
I did this the other day with the newly released September issue of Vogue. Set yourself up in the living room or, better yet, in bed with the newest issue of your favorite magazine. Light a fall candle and take your time reading and looking at all of the beautiful photography.

watch a fall movie with a batch of homemade popcorn
There are so many movies to get you inspired for fall. Pick one, get cozy in loungewear, then make a bowl of homemade popcorn to eat while you watch. We make two kinds of popcorn, one is a savory, cheesy version and the other is caramel.

order a seasonal drink + browse your favorite bookstore
This is one of my favorite things to do. Go to Starbucks and get one of the fun seasonal drinks (I always recommend the Caramel Apple Spice) then spend some uninterrupted time browsing your favorite bookstore. Check out all the new releases, classics, sales section, and even the board games. For an extra treat, choose a few things to take home with you! If bookstores aren't your thing at the moment, you can also do this at Target. šŸ˜‰

visit a cute cafe alone or with a friend for a cheese board + glass of wine
Something I used to do in college as a treat is ride my bike down to this cute French bistro (the head chef was from Lyon) with whatever book I was reading in my bag. I'd order a glass of wine and their amazing cheese plate, sometimes even a seasonal fruit tart. I'd do this on my own most of the time but once, my roommate tagged along and we both ordered the most delicious French onion soup while classic French movies played in the background. 

spend an hour on your pampering routine
We all treat ourselves to sheet masks and things from time to time, but when was the last time you spent a full hour on self-care? Do everything from body scrubs and hair treatments to face masks and oils. I recommend trying Grace's summer beauty reset, which can be updated for other seasons just by utilizing seasonal products and scents.