holiday challenge #3: baking a holiday treat

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Only one week until Christmas! The countdown is on. Last week, our challenges were to watch a holiday movie and treat yourself to a new tree ornament. Well, I’ve certainly achieved the first one because I’ve officially watched 11 holiday movies thus far this season. 😅

I like to play one in the mornings while I’m eating breakfast or getting things done on the computer, so it’s been easy to breeze through them. My favorites this year have been (of course) Home Alone, Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas (I’m not even a Disney person but this one is just so nostalgic), and the new Hallmark movie Road to Christmas. Seriously, I know they’re cheesy but this one was actually a really interesting storyline that wasn’t just centered around an unrealistic romance. Funny enough, I also really loved The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina holiday special. It’s perfectly festive but in a darker way.

As for ornaments, there was one I really wanted from Anthropologie but couldn’t find it in stores and didn’t want to pay half the price of the ornament itself in shipping, so I ended up getting a cute little silver champagne bottle ornament from Kirkland’s!

Okay, here’s this week’s challenges:

5. Bake something festive.

6. Do a holiday craft.

It might even be fun to do both of these one after the other and make a cozy day of it. I’ve been doing a little holiday baking, but plan on doing vanilla bean scones for Christmas morning. Below, you’ll find some recipe ideas as well as craft options!