how to spend less on your skincare routine


For years, I found myself spending a lot on my skincare (and still do sometimes when necessary) but over the time I spent in the beauty industry, I picked up a few tricks that will help you to save money on your skincare routine without compromising quality.

Use a cleansing oil.
This doubles as a cleanser and a makeup remover, plus it adds moisture to your face so it's kind of a do-it-all product.

Utilize the EWG's clean beauty database.
There's actually a pretty decent selection of drugstore skincare products that are highly rated on the EWG list. As long as a product is non-toxic, there's really no big reason to spend a lot of money on things like cleansers and moisturizers, so this is a great resource to help save money.

Use up everything you buy.
This may seem obvious but most people I know have a habit of buying new skincare out of curiosity before they've used up what they already have. Having those product empties really does make a difference in the end.

Buy with utility in mind.
For things like serums and treatments, I love buying from companies like The Ordinary. They sell products that only contain the active ingredients (without expensive botanicals added for scent or luxury) so they end up being insanely inexpensive while remaining effective.