how to throw a 'favorite things' party

Have you all heard about 'favorite things' parties? If you're looking for something fun to do with your friends, this might be just the thing. Essentially, each of the guests will share one of their 'favorite things' with the group and take home favorite things from other guests. It's a good way to celebrate the things you love and also go home with new things. If it sounds interesting, here's what you do:


- Start by sending out a cute invitation with party instructions either in paper or, even better, through Paperless Post. There are so many cute options like this and this. See below for instructions to include on the invitation or on the follow-up RSVP email.

- For the food, you could try a potluck-style meal where everyone brings their favorite dish. If you want it to be a more balanced meal (not just a table full of pasta variations), one person can bring their favorite side while another brings their favorite dessert and so on.
- Create a Signature Drink to go along with the basic drink options. Some ideas for signature drinks could be based on the season (limoncello for summer, mulled wine for winter) or based on one of your favorite things (say your group of friends is known for your love of brunch, then have your signature drink be a mimosa). Let the signature drink be a celebration of your personality. Set up a cute drink station where guests can pick up one of the signature drinks as well as water, Lacroix, juices, sodas, etc. 

- Ask each guest to send you a list of 3-5 of their favorite songs to put on the party playlist.

- Set up a station for guests to package up the items they receive in cute gift bags.

I love this cute bag idea from  One Good Thing . Might be cute to have the tag say "You're my favorite!" 

I love this cute bag idea from One Good Thing. Might be cute to have the tag say "You're my favorite!" 


- Each guest will bring three of the same item to the party. You'll set a price limit. Usually $10 per item is reasonable, amounting to $30 for all three gifts. You can adjust these limitations as you'd like!

- This should be one of the guest's favorite things. It can be any favorite thing: chocolate, champagne, a scarf, lip gloss, whatever.

- For instance, I might choose Lindt Lindor Truffles, small batch ginger ale, Invisibobble hair ties, a Moleskine journal, or Sephora's coconut makeup wipes. So for clarity purposes, let's just say I would bring three packages of Sephora coconut makeup wipes to the party. 

- You may choose to wrap the gifts or not, but everyone should follow suit whatever you choose. Either all the gifts are wrapped or none are.

- Upon arrival to the party, every guest writes their name on three slips of paper and places it in a bowl/hat/vessel of some sort.

- You can choose to display the products in a central location so that everyone can browse throughout the party, or have each guest keep their item to themselves until it's time to play. 

- When you're ready to play, each guest draws three names out of the bowl and the gift they brought is given to those three. Each guest can share why they chose that product and what they love about it.

- Obviously, each guest will be sure not to choose their own name or to choose the same person twice. 

- After the party, consider sending out an email with a list of all the products featured at the party as a sort-of recap.