jet lag mask + travel with me (vlog)


Happy Friday! I got to Florida on Wednesday evening and have been seriously enjoying the weather and relaxation! I have a little 'travel with me' vlog today but first, I wanna tell you about a new travel-related product I'm loving lately.

If you guys follow Marianna Hewitt, you'll know that she and Lauren Gores just launched their skincare brand Summer Fridays. I had the chance to attend the launch party at Spring Studios this week and received their first product: the Jet Lag Mask. Chances are you've seen this product all over the internet recently because editors are raving about it. Let me tell you, the rave reviews are accurate and the hype is real.

This is a super hydrating mask that really makes your skin glow and feel fresh. You can wear it as a thick mask overnight, just apply to underneath your eyes, or you can even use it right before your makeup because it also functions as a primer. You just apply a thin layer and let it settle in as there's no need to rinse it off. It also has a bit of an exfoliant, which is an added bonus.

Marianna and I talked about the fact that it's great for wearing on planes because it starts off white, then becomes clear. That way, you still look super low-key while masking in public. So far, I've tried it both as an overnight mask and as a pre-makeup mask. I love both, but I especially like this as a primer. I put it on the morning of my flight, let it sit for ten minutes, then put on concealer and tinted moisturizer. The makeup went on smooth and my skin glowed through it.

So yes, the hype is real. I definitely recommend this mask! Now, here's the vlog: