march entertaining tips

When I think of March entertaining, I think of parties that celebrate the nearing start of spring. We're all tired of winter so these parties celebrate all the best parts of spring, from fresh flowers and herbs to pastels and fruity drinks. 

MAKE IT EASY: Crowd-Pleasing Playlist
The key to a great party really is the vibe and making sure that everyone feels happy and comfortable. An easy way to do this without much effort is by playing a crowd-pleasing playlist. Of course, the songs depend on the group but I find that throwback music from your high-school/college days often make for a good time. 

DRINK OF CHOICE: Suja Juice Cocktails
You guys know Suja juice right? They actually make really good mixers and make for a much healthier cocktail than traditional, sugary juices. 

HOSTESS GIFT: French Bread with Herbs
I love this idea either as a gift to give your hostess or for a hostess to give her guests. Pick up a bunch of baguettes, wrap them in butcher paper, secure with twine and a sprig of rosemary.

DECOR STAPLE: Metallic Balloons
Balloons are obviously a pretty classic decor staple but I think that mixing in some metallic ones can make your decor look special. The key is to pick white balloons, one neutral color, and one metallic. I like white, peach, and gold OR white, mint, and silver.

EASY APPETIZER: Cheese + Crackers
This is probably the most classic appetizer and for good reason! It's a no-brainer, but you can definitely elevate it from the basic cheddar cubes you typically see. Pick up two or three really good cheeses from Whole Foods or your local cheese store and pair them with a complementary cracker or another crunchy element. Some ideas: brie on a buttery cracker with preserves, white cheddar with caramelized walnuts, sharp cheddar with club crackers, or gouda with multigrain crackers.

The look for this party is light, breezy, and perfect for spring. I love a breezy wrap dress with a subtle print paired with high-top sneakers and delicate gold jewelry. Staying on trend, pair with a round basket bag.