my cozy fall morning routine


By now, you know fall is my favorite season and isn’t it everyone’s, really? I also love a good morning routine, so why not merge the two together and show you my cozy, fall morning routine.

Wake up, drink water, turn on diffuser.
The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a glass of water. Partially because I’m always thirsty when I wake up and also because it fires up your metabolism, helps you wake up, and gets your brain ready for the day. Then, I turn on my diffuser using a fall essential oil blend of sandalwood, vanilla, marjoram, and ylang ylang.

Meditate, stretch and engage abs.
I like to meditate before I get out of bed to set my intention for the day. I used to think I didn’t like meditating and I hear a lot of people say they think they can’t do it. My tip is to start small. I’m probably not going to easily meditate for a straight 15 minutes or more at this point. Some days, I do 10 minutes in the morning, but I usually stick to 2-4 minutes. Even that short amount makes a difference! Lately, I’ve been using the Insight Timer app because it allows you to choose either guided meditations or just a timer for self-guided meditation. After meditating, I do a few stretches and roll-ups to engage my core.

Take vitamins, morning skincare.
Right now, I’m taking Olly’s Undeniable Beauty vitamins which contain biotin, keratin, and vitamins C and E. This is good for strengthening hair, skin, and nails and I’ve been taking them lately to repair the damage last winter and New York’s soft water did on my hair and skin. After that, I do my skincare routine which is lighter in the morning than the evening. I typically wash my face with just water in the morning or if I feel like my skin is dirtier, I use Bioderma or my Indie Lee cleanser. Then, I use my Derma-E moisturizer (with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid) followed by EltaMD sunscreen all over my face, ears, and neck.

Refer to planner and journal.
Before I start my day fully, I refer to my planner to see what tasks I need to complete and just generally what’s going on that day. I love my Passion Planner because it also has lots of good motivational quotes and spaces to fill up with whatever you need. Typically each week, I write a prompt (what inspires me, restaurants to try, etc.) and fill it out a bit each morning. Then, I move on to my actual journal. I try to journal everyday even if I don’t have much to write about. In cases like that, I usually find a prompt online or just write about what I did the day before.

Visit my pumpkin plant.
Every morning, I go outside to check on the mini pumpkin plant that I’m growing on my front porch. There are a bunch of lower maintenance herbs and flowers out there, too, but I’m focusing a lot on the pumpkins. I water it every other morning, but like to look at its progress everyday.

Healthy drink and breakfast
I rotate through several different healthy morning drinks to kick start my day. Sometimes, it’s as simple as ice water or hot water with lemon whereas other days, I do a protein shake, green smoothie, or a tea. Today, I’m trying to be as cozy as possible so I have the Trader Joe’s apple roiboos tea. Next, I make breakfast. Because it’s a cozy, Sunday morning, I go all out and make pumpkin French toast.

Read a cozy book, pet my cat.
Before moving on to the rest of my day, I sit down with my fur blanket and whichever fall book I’m reading at the time. Right now, it’s Louise Penny’s A Trick of the Light. It’s not necessarily set in fall, but all of her books are super cozy. Usually when I read in the living room, my cat is looking over my shoulder, putting her paws down on my head, and so on, so I make sure to cuddle with her. There’s literally nothing cozier than reading a book with a fur blanket while cuddling a kitten, right?