my healthy resolutions for 2018


I'm one of those people who are going to feed you the cliché line that 'I don't believe in resolutions'. And that's partially true but only because resolutions have a stigma of being broken by mid-January (because they tend to be meaningless or un-measurable 'goals' centered around an arbitrary date), whereas I'm more interested in using the new year as a check-in point where I look back at how past intentions fared and set new intentions for the next twelve months. 

Last year, I achieved one of my biggest, most major life goals. So, this year my intention and 'resolutions' are going to be smaller in scale but still very important and primarily centered around health and wellness. Over the past few years, I had been partaking in solid, consistent wellness habits. But my move to the city meant I had to put that on pause for a quick second. Now that I'm getting a little more settled in (although still not entirely settled), I can pick back up with my wellness routine. Although, I'm still waiting to get my Vitamix up here so my smoothies will have to wait!

What are your wellness resolutions for the new year? Here are five of mine:

Swap to all natural skincare and makeup products
This is my biggest health/beauty resolution for the new year. I recently started using one of Juice Beauty's cleansers and have really seen a difference in my skin health. I have always tended to lean toward clean skincare products, but I'd like to make the full swap which includes makeup. I've never made clean makeup a priority, which is really contradictory to what I always preach which is that the skin is our largest organ and should be treated as such (usually what I tell people when chastising them for not using sunscreen). This year, I'm setting up an appointment at Credo Beauty to develop a plan and then I will only buy natural products as my others run out. 

Get in the habit of flossing
I know I'm not the only one who isn't good about flossing. I know how vital it is for good oral health but I just hate doing it for some reason. However, I'd like 2018 to be the year I start a habit of flossing. I recently bought coconut flavored floss from Cocofloss because I honestly think I'm so addicted to coconut and pretty packaging that it will make me want to floss. The girl who works at my local Credo store confirmed that using Cocofloss has really helped her to get in the habit! 

Be mindful of posture
I hold a lot of tension in my neck and face, which tends to cause a lot of pain as well as poor posture. Whenever I get a massage, they always point out the knots in my rhomboids and throughout the base of my neck. Also contributing to this is "tech neck", a common posture issue for people who look down at their phones or, in my case, books. I know that I have non-ideal neck and shoulder posture, so my goal is to be aware and correct it throughout the day. 

Practice dosha-based breathing techniques
If you don't know about your dosha, I'm actually working on a full post about them that will go up later this month. But, essentially, we all have an ayurvedic 'dosha' that is one of three energies that govern our bodies. I'm a pitta dosha, which means I'm associated with heat so one recommended way to relax is to use cooling breathing techniques called sitali and sitkari. Pitta doshas are encouraged to use these techniques in stressful situations to literally cool down your anger and anxiety. The resolution here is to practice the sitali and sitkari breathing techniques daily, even when I'm not feeling stressed or annoyed, so that I can be more aligned with my dosha. 

Drink more health tonics.
I'm already a huge fan of wellness drinks like cold-pressed juice, Moon Juice elixirs, and matcha tea but this year I'd like to try even more of the health tonics I've been interested in, such as Fountain's molecule drinks and products from The Beauty Chef. Overall, I just want to experiment more with ingestible beauty products.