new year's day


It's a little late, but happy new year! Do you all have any traditions for New Year's Day? It seems like a lot of people go to the movies, doesn't it? I don't really have any traditions for the day but happened to have a really special first day of 2018...

After waking up in the late morning, I got a really slow start to getting ready and then bundled up (a lot, but never enough) and headed over to eat at Citizens of Chelsea. I originally wanted to go get a Belgian waffle for brunch but the restaurant was out, so I ended up ordering the Banana-Nana Split which turned out to be the most pleasant surprise! 

It was a split, caramelized banana laid over a bed of granola and nutella powder (a literal powder that turns into nutella when it mixes with liquid), fresh blueberries and strawberries, raspberry compote, and blueberry panna cotta. It was so unique and so delicious. The guy next to me actually ordered the same thing and we ended up discussing how amazing it was. I had this with a side of sourdough toast and a hot apple cider.

After brunch, I needed to head to the station at Hudson Yards so I walked the High Line for a bit. It was obviously beautiful but so cold, I could barely handle it, haha. 

So, I went uptown to meet my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law at the Chrysler Building. Their friend works on the 67th floor (out of 71) and invited us to come up and watch the sunset from the office, which has 360 degree views of the city. It was absolutely crazy! If you look at a photo of the building, we were on the very top floor right before the building turns into a point.

The view looked totally surreal. I can't imagine a more special way to start the new year than sitting with everyone listening to "Welcome to New York" watching the sunset over the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, and Roosevelt Island. I set up my tripod and shot a time lapse video that ended up being so pretty!

To close, I just want to share something from the New Year's Eve church service I went to. The message was all about dreaming big for 2018. The big theme was this, to quote my pastor: "No matter what area of your life is barren, sing over it. Sing over your disappointment of 2017." He made the point that people often stop dreaming big because of disappointment, but we should all dream big this year knowing that we're loved by God, who wants you to "stretch your tent curtains wide" in anticipation for what He can do.

It was a good one, needless to say. So yeah, happy 2018, I hope we all do cool stuff this year.