nine podcasts to download asap

I don't remember the last time I went a full day without listening to a podcast. I listen during every commute, when I'm getting ready, while I work on the blog or edit photos, while I bake cinnamon apple chips in the kitchen, and even when I'm doing tasks around the office. 

In fact, otherwise 'annoying' tasks like commuting or doing tedious work is always so much better when I know there's a podcast to look forward to! 

We're driving down to Palm Beach this morning and you can bet we'll be listening to a couple of podcasts to pass the time.

It's funny, looking back I've actually done quite a few podcast recommendation posts which you can find here. But I have a whole new crop of fun options that you guys need to know about! 

young adulting
Grace from The Stripe and Becca Freeman host this podcast that's mostly about young adult fiction but also features other recommendations and an advice segment.

goal digger
Jenna Kutcher is a wedding photographer who built a seven figure business from the ground up. In her podcast, she shares tips on running a creative business and creating quality content.

keep it!
This one is from the Pod Save America family at Crooked Media, so you know it's good. Ira Madison III and his guests have conversations at the intersection of pop culture and politics. Ira is funny, insightful, and has some really interesting talks about everything from Kanye West to the White House Correspondents Dinner.

with friends like these
This is such a good one and also from Crooked Media. The host is a journalist who has conversations with people who come from 'the other side of aisle' so to speak, or at least conversations about things that divide us. I started listening when she had a two part series covering CPAC and it was fascinating. She's also had episodes about atheism, cultural appropriation, and with a reformed white supremacist. 

royally obsessed
I love all things royal, including this cute podcast from two journalists who cover all things British royal family. The episodes are about thirty minutes each and really easy to digest. Topics include things like Kate Middleton's outfits, the royal babies, the upcoming Meghan + Harry wedding, and so on. It's a really good one to listen to when you need a break from the heavier news of the world.

second life
Love this podcast from Hillary Kerr. It's all interviews with women who have made big career transitions. For instance, she's talked to Jessica Alba about her transition from acting to The Honest Company as well as people like nutritionist Kelly Leveque, Jen Atkin, and the founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes. Really good for any career woman!

still processing
My friend Diana recommended this podcast to me and I'm so glad she did! It's hosted by two New York Times culture writers who discuss the current culture in America, both positive and negative, and how it relates to society at large. I love listening to this because it gives me better insight into culture and society from the prospective of POC and, honestly, we could all do better at expanding our worldview in that regard.

the a24 podcast
This is a really new (only three episodes as of right now) podcast from the film production studio A24. Each episode features two film industry people interviewing one another. So far, they've had Barry Jenkins and Greta Gerwig, Jerrod Carmichael and Bo Burnham, and Toni Colette and John Early (which I really, really enjoyed).

goop podcast
It's about time Gwyneth did a podcast! This is really just a natural extension of the content you'll find on the Goop website, but a bit more in depth and in audio.